CUPE 784

CUPE 784

Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 784 – Edmonton School District #7 Maintenance & Construction 



In an effort to foster greater communication between the brothers and sisters of Local 784, their executive, and other elected officers, we've undertaken to provide a website. I'm looking for any feedback, comments (good or bad), and suggestions regarding our website. Is there anything more you'd like to see posted here? Is there something you'd like to see removed from the site? Please bear in mind that the whole world has access to our site, and not everything should be shared with the whole world nor can it legally be. Please take some time to explore what is offered on the site so far, and contact a member of your executive or email me directly with any ideas.

Thank you,

James Niven

Recording Secretary CUPE 784


In this Section

Local Officers

A list of your elected officers and their contact information...

Collective Agreement and Grievances

See some ongoing local concerns, read the liaison meeting minutes, read our collective agreement and learn what to do when you believe the collective agreement will be, is being, or has been violated...

Health And Safety

Health and safety related issues including; concerns, news, and minutes from the Facilities Maintenance Health & Safety committee meeting...


Listing of local events, posters, champions, and photos... (Updated February 1st, 2012)

Local News

News regarding the local or its members. Anything from local announcements, to board announcements relating to the local, to news about local members...